Ruan Müller is an Enterprise Solutions Architect specializing in network forensics at FireEye, a global cyber security company that protects organizations from cyber-attacks.

Müller currently serves in the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve as an Army Communications and Information Systems Specialist providing communications in tactical and strategic operations.

In the private sector, Müller worked as a Senior Security Consultant & Analyst where he helped organizations address information security challenges including incident response, detective controls, computer forensics, compromise assessments and counterintelligence.

Müller is an avid speaker, and has presented at BSides Vancouver, The Vancouver Economic Forum, and several Ready Room Briefings.

Müller is a co-founder and Director of Operations for the Mainland Advanced Research Society which is responsible for VanCitySec, Ready Room Briefings, and BSides Vancouver.

In his spare time, Müller conducts his own independent research in network forensics, and developing tools to assist incident responders in investigations.