Ram has 18 years of progressive experience as an Information Security professional and being recognized as a revolutionary architect in the realm of Information Security and Cyber Forensics. Prior to Lululemon, Rams’s very recent association was with IBM as a consultant; during the short term contract Ram had been deputed to Office of Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Technologies, Government of British Columbia, to design and execute the “Architectural and Operational” segments of the Vulnerability and Risk Management Program for the scope of the entire BC Government’s IT assets and solely accomplished vulnerability scanning of 1 million public IP assets. Ram’s depth of knowledge and technical experience set him apart from other security professionals.

He has strong work ethic, takes pride in his work, appreciates a good challenge, and applies himself with the objective of learning everything there is to know about a particular dimension of security. Ram has insatiable curiosity and has dedicated himself to security. He has unusually high attention to detail, honesty, and integrity and is an expert at what he does.